Tuesday, January 1, 2008

New Year, New Adventures

"To new adventures".....life is still keeping it interesting, someone has to keep me on my toes.

I took Logan to an ENT on yesterday. I took him because his occupational therapist questioned his hearing and I was still very concerned about his cough (that has been around since September) and the fluid in his ears. I learned a lot from the doctor and now I wish I would have taken him sooner. Some concerns the doctor had was his breathing while he is sleeping (sleep apnea), fluid in his ears and his hearing. First, they did a hearing test and they were unable to get a result because of fluid in both of his ears. They did find that his ear drums are not responding the way they should to sound, but before they can find out if it is a hearing loss, they need to drain the fluid and put tubes in his ears. Two weeks after the surgery they well retest, then we will finally know if he is hearing well or not. We were also told that Logan needs to sleep with the head of his bed raised or in a car seat to help him with his breathing. I didn't realize that sleep apnea is pretty much a for sure thing for him when he is an adult and the doctor wants to eventually take out his tonsils and adenoids to help with that. I am concerned that the reason he sleeps so much is because he is not getting the proper amount of oxygen at night. I feel guilty for not thinking of that earlier...we will just have to wait and see if there is a difference in him after the tubes are in and his is sleeping upright.
He will have the tubes put in on Tuesday.


RK said...

We hope that everything goes very well on Tuesday and they find he's hearing well afterward.

Christine said...

Lilja slept with the head of her crib raised due to reflux. We bought a foam wedge made for that specific purpose. Lil has gotten past the reflux issues, so we just took the wedge out a few months ago. We don't have a need for it anymore, so let me know if you want it. It worked great.

Kacey Bode said...

Sounds exactly like Ella's hearing issues. Did they say if they could do tubes soon?? We had to wait until well 3 weeks ago for her ears to get big enough. Her hearing will be retested next monday, keeping our fingers crossed. I have always wondered about the apnea as well, I plan on talking to the ENT on Monday about that. They wanted me to have Ella's adnoids and tonsils out when they did the tubes, but I decided not to, the reason being that I have now talked to two parents with children with DS who had their kids adnoids out at around one year old and both have developed swallowing problems, they have to add thickening agent to everything they drink, so basically it traded one problem for the other. I told the ENT that and he did some research and said that she was indeed to young but he had never heard that before. Just to let you know!!!

Mommy to those Special Ks said...

Prayers that Logan's tube surgery goes well. I have to say that was THE easiest surgery Kennedy has had. She has also had her T&A surgery which was a little harder, but the only advice I will give is to insist they keep Logan in the hospital at least one night. It's so important for our kids to be monitored closely. Good luck!!

Kacey Bode said...

Hey! Yeah Ella was always a very noisy breather, especially at night. Though, dare I say it, I am convinced that since her tubes she has been much quieter. Of course she has been sick for the last week so she has been loud again. I don't know if the tubes helped or maybe her little nose grew some?? Good luck!! The tubes were a total piece of cake, I think we were there about an hour. They said she could be a little sore after but she was not, she was actually in pretty great spirits!!

rylie's mom said...

I'm sure the tubes will help w/ the hearing. Hope all goes well.
Rylie had tubes put in about two years ago, I will find out next week if she needs them again. It's
really a quick procedure.