Sunday, June 5, 2011

I miss blogging

I just realized I really miss blogging!! It was nice to hear from a few fellow bloggers after my last post. I have been neglecting taking pictures of my kids lately, but blogging makes me take I am going to try to post a little more often. We'll see how that goes! :)

Logan still LOVES to swim! We got him this little pool for his birthday. He has no fear of water though, so we have to keep a close eye on him. About 12 inches of water is perfect for him and Aubrey.

My kids LOVE their ipad! And it has really been a great learning tool for all of them. I dream of someday creating a list of educational apps online...don't know when I will ever have time, but I think it would be awesome to hear which apps are working for other parents of children with Down syndrome. We have many favorites!

I think Logan knows more about the ipad than I do! I just hand it to him and he goes in and out of his favorite apps all by himself. He even knows how to move apps around and unfortunately how to delete them too!!
Devin is such a great teacher! He loves to play school with Logan. Logan LOVED 3yr old early childhood this year and he still asks to go just about every day! He also asks to go every time we drive by his school.
This week, we found out how fun a big box and some balls can be! One of Logan's therapists told us this kind of play can help Logan with his strength and he loves it! He has to work hard to move around in it. He used to not be able to go from laying down to sitting up in the ball pit at therapy, but now he can!! Go Logan!

Thursday, June 2, 2011

A Logan Picture :)

I have no time to blog these days, but I thought I would post a new picture of my little man!

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Logan at School!

Logan LOVES school! He lights up when we talk about it and he always has big smiles for his teachers. I go in and observe often and it's so fun to see his progress. He is more and more talkative and catches on to the songs and routines quickly. His least favorite thing always seems to be PT, but his PT at school it learning what Logan likes and is making it fun for him. Logan is the kind of kid who would much rather sit and look at books than practice climbing the stairs. He is also making some progress with drinking out of an open cup!

Monday, February 14, 2011

More Letters by Logan

Logan has always loved flashcards and now he shows us how they are done!
Our next goal is lowercase letters and letter sounds. How do I teach him lowercase now without him getting confused. I plan to add the lowercase next to the uppercase on the flashcards. Does anyone know of a good app for ipad that he would like? He an extremely visual learner and learns best with repetition. He learned his letters with this toy...

It actually used to annoy me how much he played with this, but now I feel bad because he was actually learning as he played! I may also try to tape lowercase letters over the uppercase!

I got him this Leaptop toy for Christmas because it did a better job with letter sounds. He and Aubrey have one and they play with these SO much! It also has music, which they love and you can program it to say their name. It always says "L for Logan" when Logan presses L. But unfortunately, it doesn't have lowercase.

This LeapFrog toy does have lowercase, which is great! Logan does play with this on A LOT, but he presses the letters too fast. When you press a letter, it shows you how to write it, but Logan usually presses another letter before it finished drawing one. I can see Logan using this to learn how to write letters when he gets a little older. If you are wondering, it can be set to do upper or lowercase.

Here's Logan showing us his flashcards.

Monday, January 31, 2011

Logan's ABCs 1/31/11

Listen to this! He says each letter just before I do. The first card is actually the sight word "stop". Right now he recognizes his own name and stop.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Monday, January 3, 2011

Bye Bye Train

Logan loved the train under our tree this year. We got the GeoTrax Christmas Train Set. The kids loved how is lights up and plays Christmas music. I am sad to put it away.
A couple of new pictures of Logan and Aubrey :)