Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Christmas Day!

We hope everyone had a happy, healthy and safe holiday today!
We are so thankful that we got to spend time with family and friends.

Today's highlights:

Devin finally got his "real trumpet" and drum! Today, he told everyone who asked what he got for Christmas that he got a real trumpet, but not a tuba. (sorry Devin, maybe next year)

He also got a "real camera" from Grandma Baeten! I checked the camera tonight and found that he took 279 pictures today!!! I never thought anyone took more than me!

Logan loves his chewable, squeaky blocks!

Sunday, December 23, 2007

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Pediatric Opthamologist

Today, I took Logan to a pediatric opthamologist (recommended at 6 months for babies with DS) to get his eyes checked for any serious problems. We found out that he is a little nearsighted and has astigmatism, but he has no major issues!! Also, his eyes cross intermittently, which I had noticed and was wondering about. The doctor will not do anything about the nearsightedness (getting glasses) or the crossing for now. We will have him checked again at 12 months to decide if he needs glasses or needs to have treatment for the crossing. So, it was a good appointment! I was very relieved to hear that he can see quite well. Now, I am worrying about his hearing. This past week, his occupational therapist asked if I have had his ears checked since birth. She is noticing that he does not react to the sound of a rattle or musical toys. I made an appointment with an ENT (ear, nose, throat specialist) for the 31st so that I can get his ears checked and get recommendations about the fluid and wax in his ears. I am concerned that this could effect his hearing if we don't keep an eye on it now. My biggest fear is an inability to hear effecting his speech.

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

What I Wish

I wish that when Logan was born, especially right after he was born, I would have looked at him as the perfect little boy he is...instead of having the feelings I had. It WAS hard to bond at first. All I could think about was the DS. I regret not being happy and taking tons of pictures etc. We even turned away our visitors...which was wrong...we just didn't want to face reality and we didn't want others to see us upset. What a shame...I wish I would have known then what I know now...because I would have invited everyone I know to come see us at the hospital.

Monday, December 17, 2007

Friday, December 14, 2007

Beautiful Pictures

My sister and her husband are exceptionally talented photographers and I wish that I could have one of them at my side 24-7 to capture life's most precious moments. But, thankfully, a few times a year I am lucky enough to have then around to take some pictures of my family. I want to share a few of my favorites from Thanksgiving. Visit www.photographphotograph.com to see more of their work.

Logan: 7 Months

Logan has been working on sitting (so far he sits in a boppy for about 1 minute at a time!!!!)....my goal is to have him sitting by his 6 month evaluation by Birth to 3, which is at the end of January. Sitting was one of our goals, along with a few others that we will work on as well. Also, his favorite thing right now is sucking his thumb...his left one. It is so cute, but I am working on having him take a pacifier so that I don't have to break a bad habit later. The thumb sucking is great when it's time to go to sleep. I just put him in his crib, he rolls to his belly, pops it in and goes right to sleep.

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Doctor Visit

Logan has a sinus infection....hopefully after he is on the medication we will get rid of this cough that he has had for over 3 months now and maybe a little bit of his stuffiness. I feel so bad for him, especially at night when he has to work so hard to breathe.

Logan is 7 months old!

Logan is not having a good 7 month birthday. He has a cough that is getting worse and last night he had a high fever and was throwing up, so I'm taking him in this morning. He was just miserable. He was very uncomfortable and cried a lot until he finally fell asleep late last night, but he did sleep well though, so I hope that is a good sign.
I will take a 7 month picture when he is feeling better.

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Future Musician

Devin has been completely obsessed with band instruments since he saw the BHS marching band this past summer and the pep band at the football and basketball games. He is much more interested in the band than the sports, which makes his dad a bit nervous. (you have to know his Dad, a sports junky) Devin marches around the house pretending anything is an instrument, making his unique sounds in perfect rhythms. Every once in a while I recognize one of the pep band songs coming out of him. Today, I decided to take him for his first trip to a music store. You would have thought we had just entered Disney World when we walked through the door! We had earlier been to Toys R Us, and he walked around that store not so impressed by the huge amount of toys etc, but when we walked into the music store....well, I just have to say it was a cheap and unexpected thrill. He went from one shinny instrument to the next, touching each one so gently. He wanted everything in the store. In the back they had drums piled high to the ceiling, which he even got to try out. He played a REAL drum for the first time with real drum sticks!! I searched the store, hoping to find the perfect little version of a brass instrument, but with no luck, wishing I could just buy him a real one for Christmas. We left the store with a tiny little brass trumpet Christmas ornament that he even "played" for the cashier as I paid for it. After his performance, everyone in the store understood my son's obsession that I had been telling them about. (picture below is Devin playing the little trumpet...he pretended to played it while I grocery shopped AND all the way home)

Tonight, I went on the internet searching for a children's trumpet that looked like the real thing. I found and ordered a silver (plastic) trumpet for 3+ years!! I hope it arrives in time for Christmas! It was the perfect gift for Devin.

Monday, December 10, 2007

Holiday Cookies with Grandma

Today, Devin made Christmas Cookies with his Grandma Debbie. He LOVED it! Here are a few highlights. I think he is going to be up all night after all the sugar! I think he ate as much as he decorated!


Happy Birthday Harrison!
We celebrated Harrison's First Birthday this past weekend. My group of high school girl friends is growing by the minute! The kids are multiplying. Here are four of the five that we have so far. Getting together is going to be a loads of crazy fun. One new baby is not pictured and two more are one the way!!

Logan with his godfather.

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

The Hair

I wasn't kidding about the hair. I thought it was hilarious how the sun coming in the window right now caught it just right! Yes, the blinding light is his blond hair! Sometimes his hair looks like it has a little red in it like mine.

Trying to take a Christmas picture.

A cute winter outfit!


It's strange how one day I don't care at all that Logan has DS and other days it bothers me a lot. When it bothers me, I think about how things could have been, how Devin's life has changed, how people are going to look at our family from now on, and how much more I am going to worry when it comes to Logan's development into a child, teen and adult. It is all so overwhelming, but other days, I don't worry at all and I just look at how adorable and sweet he is. Today, Logan's physical therapist came and she always has good things to say about Logan. This helped, I have been worrying lately about Logan's motor skills because he hasn't done anything new for months. I just don't see any change in him at all. She is good at pointing out little things that I may have overlooked. But even if she doesn't really convince me that he has changed, she makes me feel good anyway.

Monday, December 3, 2007


Logan has been spouting spikey hair lately. It's growing straight up! No hair products needed!

Cereal Success

Logan is finally eating his cereal. I have discovered that oatmeal is what he likes, not the rice stuff. He doesn't eat a lot, but he is swallowing and not gagging much at all. Way to go Logan!!