Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Future Musician

Devin has been completely obsessed with band instruments since he saw the BHS marching band this past summer and the pep band at the football and basketball games. He is much more interested in the band than the sports, which makes his dad a bit nervous. (you have to know his Dad, a sports junky) Devin marches around the house pretending anything is an instrument, making his unique sounds in perfect rhythms. Every once in a while I recognize one of the pep band songs coming out of him. Today, I decided to take him for his first trip to a music store. You would have thought we had just entered Disney World when we walked through the door! We had earlier been to Toys R Us, and he walked around that store not so impressed by the huge amount of toys etc, but when we walked into the music store....well, I just have to say it was a cheap and unexpected thrill. He went from one shinny instrument to the next, touching each one so gently. He wanted everything in the store. In the back they had drums piled high to the ceiling, which he even got to try out. He played a REAL drum for the first time with real drum sticks!! I searched the store, hoping to find the perfect little version of a brass instrument, but with no luck, wishing I could just buy him a real one for Christmas. We left the store with a tiny little brass trumpet Christmas ornament that he even "played" for the cashier as I paid for it. After his performance, everyone in the store understood my son's obsession that I had been telling them about. (picture below is Devin playing the little trumpet...he pretended to played it while I grocery shopped AND all the way home)

Tonight, I went on the internet searching for a children's trumpet that looked like the real thing. I found and ordered a silver (plastic) trumpet for 3+ years!! I hope it arrives in time for Christmas! It was the perfect gift for Devin.

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