Friday, June 26, 2009

Aubrey on Etsy!

This morning I received a hat from Etsy for Aubrey. I thought this unique and funky hat would be super cute this fall. Dale thinks she looks like Annie!
I used the opportunity to try a new background and light setup in my studio. Then, I sent the pictures to the creator of the hat and she loved them and is now using them on her site! You can see Aubrey here at HuggaBeans on Etsy. You can also see more pictures of her in the the hat here, on my other blog.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Logan at Gymnastics

Logan is having a great time at the Little Gym this summer! The first class was a little hard for him though. I think it was all very overwhelming and he doesn't do well when he is supposed to follow directions until he knows the routine. Having his cautious personality makes it hard for him to adjust to a new situation quickly, but once he feels comfortable he usually does a fantastic job. Now, he walks right into class on his own and knows right where to go. His participation the past couple of weeks has been great! He only refuses to do a few hang on the bars and walk under the parachute, but I have a feeling that will change in the coming weeks. Today, he walked the entire length of the balance beam! I was holding on to him, but he walked perfectly with one foot in front of the other! The first week, I worried that he would never get some of the skills, including that one, and he proved me wrong by the second week! If fact, after the first week I was really worried that he wouldn't try anything because he wined a lot and seemed so upset. I don't think he wined at all today...maybe just when class was over!
He is so darn cute in when ever his teacher turns the music on he has to stop and wiggle his hinder a little, and he always has an eye on her and gives her the cutest little smiles, then when she is not looking he steals her remote for the stereo. He also loves to volunteer to help his teacher show the next skill.
He loves to explore the gym and climb on everything! But he always comes back to the group just in time for the next activity.
He is having fun...really.
At the end of class, we always have some bubble time. Today, Logan laid down like he was tired...until the bubbles came out...that woke him up!
Logan always goes right up to his teacher for more bubbles! You can see the love!

"Got your belly!" If you are wondering....Logan had a VERY large umbilical hernia when he was born. Fortunately, it has pretty much resolved itself, but he is left with a lot of extra skin in that spot.

Finally, I just want to say that the Little Gym does a fantastic job with our little ones. I love how they are knowledgeable of child development and they are aware of what is appropriate for each age level. Logan is in a parent child class for 10-18 month olds and it has proven to be the perfect choice for him. He fits in perfectly!

Monday, June 22, 2009

Sweet summertime

Ahhh the sweet treats of summer. The strawberries in our garden are wonderful this year! They just get bigger and better every year! I wish they would just keep coming all year long.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

My Big Girl

Aubrey is growing and changing way too fast! She is crawling and now she is pulling herself up on everything...and taking some tumbles. She is desperate to keep up with her brothers.
I also have to admit that watching her change so fast has made me realize how differently Logan is developing. I had forgotten how it was to watch Devin, and I just went with the pace that Logan wanted to go. But now, I can't get over how quickly typical children change and develop. Honestly, I wish they would just slow down a bit. I have enjoyed the amount of time that we got to savor each of Logan's new milestones! I feel like I have gotten to enjoy him growing up more than Aubrey because she is just going too fast! Of course, I am thankful that she is doing so's all just so bitter sweet.

Friday, June 19, 2009

Mother's Day Gift

I recently received my mother's day gift from my kids (well, my hubby really). I LOVE this necklace so much I wanted to share it and give credit to the talented person who created it for me. You can visit Lisa's blog here.

Devin: End of Winter/Spring Semester

A couple of weeks ago, Devin's sports skills class at the Little Gym ended. To finish out the semester, Devin's teachers took the boys miniature golfing. This was Devin's first time and he loved it! I took him alone and I think he really enjoyed the one on one time with Mom.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Aubrey's New Face

This is Aubrey's new face...she does this all day! Whenever I say her name, she looks at me like this!

As long as we are looking at this is a good time to mention her teeth. Her teeth have come in in the weirdest order and so soon. My boy's teeth didn't come in until around one year and they just got a couple at time fairly slowly. This girl got her first (the two bottom) when she was just 6 months followed by two more on the bottom. Then she got her fang! Yep, the pointy one you can see on the upper right. Today, she finally got one of the upper front teeth (you can kind of see it next to her fang). Oh, and just to make matters worse, Logan also got a tooth this morning. I had two teethers screaming at the same time!! That was new and hopefully never happens again! Logan got one of those bottom teeth that Aubrey already has. He is missing the teeth that are on each side of the bottom middle two teeth. (I really should learn the names of teeth! This is confusing!)

Silly Logie and Gymnastics Class

Peek-a-boo! Logan loves to peak at you through his legs and cute! We are currently working on walking in the grass as well as learning how to get down (like stairs and off furniture) by turning around and going feet first instead of going head first.

Logan did a great job in gymnastics today! Last week was week one and I was a little discouraged. Last week, he wined a lot when we asked him to do things and he really didn't want to try anything. He just wanted to walk around the big mat and dance to the music (which was totally cute :) ) Today was very different, he had a blast! I could tell he remembered the routine from last week and he was more willing to participate. He even came back to the group when I asked him to. I think it was all a bit overwhelming last week, but today he was a bit of a show off. He even walked across the balance beam!! I helped him, but he actually put one foot in front of the other all on his own!! Last week, he didn't even want to go near the beam. I will bring along the camera next week!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

I'm still here!

I have had a busy couple of I have put off blogging (well, on this blog anyway), but a lot has happened that I want to share. I am not attached to my hard drive right now, so pictures later.

Last week, Devin learned...or should I say...decided to ride his bike without training wheels! Reality is starting to hit with him leaving for school in the fall. It will be here before I know it.

Logan is changing fast as well! He is starting to talk and he can do many more signs. He is also following one-step directions (when he wants to). It's fun to say, "Logan, it's time to eat" and watch him walk into the kitchen saying and signing eat! Today, he showed me how he knows how to was adorable! He is also starting to climb anything low enough for him! We had a great time at our DSFN park playdate last week. There was so much for him to do at the park!

Aubrey is now 8 months old! I feel like the first 6 months or so were a blur. We were just so busy over the winter and not being an only child who gets a lot of one on one time makes me feel like I missed a lot. I am so thankful that at least I get to stay home with my kids.

Well, back to sitting at my rummage sale!

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Monday, June 1, 2009

More sibling love

These two have been SO cute lately. Aubrey is the sweetest little sister ever! She gets push, poked, sat on and toys taken away all of the time and she has nothing but smiles for her brother. It seems like she doesn't care what happens as long as she can be in on what is happening around the house with the boys. She giggles the most when Logan wrestles her (lays on her, pinning her down)." Oh please don't let her be mad at me!"

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