Saturday, June 20, 2009

My Big Girl

Aubrey is growing and changing way too fast! She is crawling and now she is pulling herself up on everything...and taking some tumbles. She is desperate to keep up with her brothers.
I also have to admit that watching her change so fast has made me realize how differently Logan is developing. I had forgotten how it was to watch Devin, and I just went with the pace that Logan wanted to go. But now, I can't get over how quickly typical children change and develop. Honestly, I wish they would just slow down a bit. I have enjoyed the amount of time that we got to savor each of Logan's new milestones! I feel like I have gotten to enjoy him growing up more than Aubrey because she is just going too fast! Of course, I am thankful that she is doing so's all just so bitter sweet.


Brandy said...

Your's is standing and mine's a teenage! They growing up way to fast... don't they?!

Cammie Heflin said...

What a pretty girl! I agree with the milestones thing. My boys walked at 9 nine months, it's kinda nice getting to savor everything with Addysen!

Heidi said...

Wow - she is growing up fast!! She is such a cutie!

I have really enjoyed the extra time it has taken Joel to do things as well. I love being able to savor moments - kids grow up way too fast!

Kim said...

Mel, I love her little outfit! I bet you enjoy getting to dress up a girl.