Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Logan at Gymnastics

Logan is having a great time at the Little Gym this summer! The first class was a little hard for him though. I think it was all very overwhelming and he doesn't do well when he is supposed to follow directions until he knows the routine. Having his cautious personality makes it hard for him to adjust to a new situation quickly, but once he feels comfortable he usually does a fantastic job. Now, he walks right into class on his own and knows right where to go. His participation the past couple of weeks has been great! He only refuses to do a few things...like hang on the bars and walk under the parachute, but I have a feeling that will change in the coming weeks. Today, he walked the entire length of the balance beam! I was holding on to him, but he walked perfectly with one foot in front of the other! The first week, I worried that he would never get some of the skills, including that one, and he proved me wrong by the second week! If fact, after the first week I was really worried that he wouldn't try anything because he wined a lot and seemed so upset. I don't think he wined at all today...maybe just when class was over!
He is so darn cute in class...like when ever his teacher turns the music on he has to stop and wiggle his hinder a little, and he always has an eye on her and gives her the cutest little smiles, then when she is not looking he steals her remote for the stereo. He also loves to volunteer to help his teacher show the next skill.
He loves to explore the gym and climb on everything! But he always comes back to the group just in time for the next activity.
He is having fun...really.
At the end of class, we always have some bubble time. Today, Logan laid down like he was tired...until the bubbles came out...that woke him up!
Logan always goes right up to his teacher for more bubbles! You can see the love!

"Got your belly!" If you are wondering....Logan had a VERY large umbilical hernia when he was born. Fortunately, it has pretty much resolved itself, but he is left with a lot of extra skin in that spot.

Finally, I just want to say that the Little Gym does a fantastic job with our little ones. I love how they are knowledgeable of child development and they are aware of what is appropriate for each age level. Logan is in a parent child class for 10-18 month olds and it has proven to be the perfect choice for him. He fits in perfectly!


Jeanette said...

We went to Gymboree today for our DS class. Sydney LOVES that place! Especially the bubbles and the parachute

Mommy to those Special Ks said...

He is SO extremely cute! I think all kids love bubbles! :)

Kim said...

I am so happy Logan is doing so well! Thank you for recommending the Little Gym to us. Madison is doing much better with the smaller group than she did at the Y.

Heidi said...

Logan is doing so great!! He is so cute - he is going to have all of his teachers wrapped around his little finger!

Maureen said...

I can't wait to start classes with Penny! It looks like Logan is having a great time.

Ruby's Mom said...

All the pictures are wonderful!

sarah said...

Your little Logan is too precious for words!! He brightens my day every time!!! Thanks for the smiles!!

Melissa said...

Way to go Logan!! You must be so proud that he does so well all of the time..he is the perfect little boy =-)