Thursday, June 11, 2009

I'm still here!

I have had a busy couple of I have put off blogging (well, on this blog anyway), but a lot has happened that I want to share. I am not attached to my hard drive right now, so pictures later.

Last week, Devin learned...or should I say...decided to ride his bike without training wheels! Reality is starting to hit with him leaving for school in the fall. It will be here before I know it.

Logan is changing fast as well! He is starting to talk and he can do many more signs. He is also following one-step directions (when he wants to). It's fun to say, "Logan, it's time to eat" and watch him walk into the kitchen saying and signing eat! Today, he showed me how he knows how to was adorable! He is also starting to climb anything low enough for him! We had a great time at our DSFN park playdate last week. There was so much for him to do at the park!

Aubrey is now 8 months old! I feel like the first 6 months or so were a blur. We were just so busy over the winter and not being an only child who gets a lot of one on one time makes me feel like I missed a lot. I am so thankful that at least I get to stay home with my kids.

Well, back to sitting at my rummage sale!


Heidi said...

It sounds like your kids are doing great! I can't believe Devin is riding his bike without training wheels - that's great. I don't think Caleb is ready for that yet - maybe next year!

Way to go Logan on learning more words! Joel just learned how to sign a few words as well and has been chatting up a storm (although not a lot of actual words)!

I've enjoyed looking at your pictures on your other blog. You are doing a great job with your photography business!

amy flege said...

way to go devin on the bike riding and logan on the signing!!! they grow up way to fast!

Jeanette said...

So much fun to watch them grow!!!!