Monday, March 31, 2008

Logan up on all fours!

Like I had mentioned, Logan has been really trying to get up on all fours. He can do it very breifly and it takes all of his strength, but it looks great!

His proud face.

Sunday, March 30, 2008

New Milestone!

Logan is officially a sitter!! He can now sit for as long as he wants to, then he can let himself down onto the floor (not always so gracefully, but it works).
Also, he is meeting some of his OT goals while sitting. He shakes rattles, picks up toys while sitting, can hold two toys at once, and even bangs his toys against stuff! He's also responding consistently to his name and is much more alert of his surroundings. He makes eye contact with everyone! It has been a great month for him!

I was very discouraged for most of the winter because he just wasn't making any progress, but now he is changing so much I can hardly keep up!

Right now he is working on getting up on all fours. He's trying often and is doing it a few times a day for just a second or two at a time. We're beginning to feel like his personal cheerleaders!

Friday, March 28, 2008

Smiley Logie!

Logan's personality has really been coming through lately and he is beginning to be a lot more smiley! I love it! I have been waiting so long to see this side of him. He always wakes up in a great mood. Here are some pictures of him as he was waking up this afternoon.

Also, today he was really trying to get up on all fours! He did it once and his belly was more than an inch off the floor!! YAY!

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Announcing Baby Number 3

Baby number three is on its way!
Yes, we are pregnant...12 weeks tomorrow. I'm totally overwhelmed with the thought of it one minute, but then the next I am just completely excited. I'm overwhelmed with the thought of adding a third and Logan adds an extra twist to the situation, but with Logan doing so well, I think that it should all go very smoothly. I'm excited that Logan will have a sibling close to his age who will push him to meet his goals and of course to play with. Devin is really excited as well, but I regret telling him this early because he just doesn't understand how long he is going to have to wait to meet his new brother or sister.
I'm feeling awful and can't wait to be through my first trimester and done with the all day nausea. I've had two ultrasounds so far and the baby looks to be doing well. I've been really worried so far. First, about miscarrying, (having miscarried twice before) then of course about the health of the baby, but those fears are slowly getting better with each day. I know I will never completely stop worrying, but it eases my mind to know everything is good so far.
Oh, and we are due October 10th (Brett Favre's birthday and my husband's cousin Brett's birthday! Funny!) No, we will not be naming the baby Brett or Favre. Sorry Packer fans.

Monday, March 24, 2008

Happy Easter

Devin did all of the egg decorating on his own this year. He really got into it! He is a bit of a perfectionist, so each egg was done very carefully with the little brushes.

We found the Easter Bunny at our Community Center on Saturday. Devin was SO thrilled to actually meet him!

Easter morning at our house. Devin found most of the eggs all by himself.

Devin's Easter basket. He needed a game of hot and cold to find this one.

My Boys at Grandma's house on Easter in their matching outfits.

My Macho Man!

Logan's rolls have not disappeared, but he's not gaining weight like he did his first 8 months of life. That's ok, because I can hardly carry him at his current weight (23-24 pounds??). I will be very sad when he loses the roles.

Thursday, March 20, 2008

3/21 Video

Tomorrow is World Down Syndrome Day. Please take the time to watch this video and pass it on to someone you know to raise awareness of people living with Down syndrome.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Friday is World Down Syndrome Day

Friday, 3/21 is World Down Syndrome Day. This day was chosen because people with Down syndrome have 3 copies of chromosome number 21. This year the theme for March 21, 2008 is "Aim High Enough", to continue creating awareness about Down syndrome and promote acceptance of diversity.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Logan at 10 Months!!

I love to shake toys, roll really fast, jump (and glide) in my jumperoo, pick up toys while I'm sitting, look at myself in my musical mirror toy, and cuddle with my Mommy and Daddy. My Mommy says I'm a wonderful baby because I never cry, I love to sleep and because I say MaMa! She also loves that I will finally take a bottle, even though I don't want to. She is SO proud of me!

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Monkey Joe's

Yesterday, we tried out a new indoor place to play. Yes, we got out again and it was GREAT! Monkey Joe's had fun inflatables and I think I had as much fun as Devin! I can't wait until Logan can enjoy playing too! The slides were so felt like they put some kind of grease on them to make them fast. It probably sounds strange, but it made the slides a blast. I have been on other inflatable slides that are too slow and that makes them no fun at all.

Here are some pictures. Devin played for almost 4 hours and was REALLY worn out by then. He was ready to leave, but wants to go back soon!

I started to take this picture when he was at the top.

This one was our favorite (it was a great workout!). You can see us if you click on the picture.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008


This morning Logan's first tooth broke through! It's one of the bottom middle ones. He's being shy about showing it off, but I will keep trying to get a picture. He has been drooling and chewing a lot lately so that all makes sense now, but I was not expecting it this soon!

Logan's Baby Legs

I have always loved Baby Legs, but they seemed to be a thing for girls only....until I found out they are for boys too! They will be great for when Logan starts crawling and they definitely make diaper changes easy.

Monday, March 10, 2008

Devin Plays a Real Trombone

In February, we were at a friend's house and Devin was a little bored (no toys to play with) so I said, "If you had a trombone, Devin would be occupied all night!" I was completely just joking around, but they really had a trombone! And I was right about Devin. He played it for about 4 hours straight and hasn't stopped talking about it since. Now, he would like me to get him his own trombone. (If anyone out there has a trombone, or any instrument you will never play again, we would happily take it off your hands.)

Sunday, March 9, 2008

Logan Says MaMa!!

Logan has been babbling a lot more lately and his new thing is saying "Ma Ma"!! His Dad is not so happy about this, but I always told him my next baby would say Ma Ma first. When Devin was Logan's age everything was "Da Da", so it was definitely my turn!

My Little Band

Logan is going to be in luck if he ends up liking music. Devin's many concerts each day will become very entertaining. Logan tried to join in the other day. (with some help from Mom of course)

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Get us out! Please!

Ok...I can't take it anymore...when is the snow going to melt??

I need spring in the worst way. I can no longer find ways to occupy the kids inside. I am dying to take a walk, go to the park, play in the backyard! It doesn't help when Devin asks everyday when the grass is coming back and every time the sun shines he thinks it's warm and wants to go out. I am even having a hard time posting because each day is just like the last, stuck inside!
I guess we do get out once in a great while!....I will post some pics of when we've gotten out recently.

A mall trip to Build A Bear. It was Devin's first time and it was the perfect winter activity for a three year old. Meet "Tiny" the Monkey.

A trip to the Children's Museum...I wish it was closer...then I would purchase a year membership and go every week. Devin the crane operator and Logan enjoying the baby area.

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Some Logan Pics


Logan can now use his exersaucer and is loving playing with toys in it.