Wednesday, December 5, 2007


It's strange how one day I don't care at all that Logan has DS and other days it bothers me a lot. When it bothers me, I think about how things could have been, how Devin's life has changed, how people are going to look at our family from now on, and how much more I am going to worry when it comes to Logan's development into a child, teen and adult. It is all so overwhelming, but other days, I don't worry at all and I just look at how adorable and sweet he is. Today, Logan's physical therapist came and she always has good things to say about Logan. This helped, I have been worrying lately about Logan's motor skills because he hasn't done anything new for months. I just don't see any change in him at all. She is good at pointing out little things that I may have overlooked. But even if she doesn't really convince me that he has changed, she makes me feel good anyway.


Laurie said...

I know what you mean. Most days it's just normal, and then some days...WHAM! It's like I'm in DS-Land, and everything I see/think/do/say makes me think about it.

So is life now, I guess.


Nancy Jo said...

The pictures are awesome! I saved the one with the two boys together and printed it out for the fridge. This blog thing is so great, because you can keep up on how everyone is doing, even when you are far away. Have a Merry Christmas! Nancy Jo