Friday, December 14, 2007

Logan: 7 Months

Logan has been working on sitting (so far he sits in a boppy for about 1 minute at a time!!!!) goal is to have him sitting by his 6 month evaluation by Birth to 3, which is at the end of January. Sitting was one of our goals, along with a few others that we will work on as well. Also, his favorite thing right now is sucking his thumb...his left one. It is so cute, but I am working on having him take a pacifier so that I don't have to break a bad habit later. The thumb sucking is great when it's time to go to sleep. I just put him in his crib, he rolls to his belly, pops it in and goes right to sleep.


RK said...

He's doing GREAT if he's already sitting for a bit in the boppy! He'll be sitting on his own in no time, I bet.

Laurie said...

Great job, Logan! Chase sucks his thumb the same way- thumb in, other fingers splayed out. Cute :)

Michelle said...

Yay! look at him sitting up!

Gotta love that boppy for support! Ru tries so hard, but she just doesn't stop moving long enough to balance well. She sat on her own for about 20 seconds the other day, though, which was exciting!

We bought great big foam mats for the hospital, so she can continue to have some floor time while we're here.

I miss playgroups!!!