Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Logan at School!

Logan LOVES school! He lights up when we talk about it and he always has big smiles for his teachers. I go in and observe often and it's so fun to see his progress. He is more and more talkative and catches on to the songs and routines quickly. His least favorite thing always seems to be PT, but his PT at school it learning what Logan likes and is making it fun for him. Logan is the kind of kid who would much rather sit and look at books than practice climbing the stairs. He is also making some progress with drinking out of an open cup!


Anonymous said...

What a big boy!!! You must be so proud of all the progress :) I'm so glad he's loving school so much!

Katie said...

Logan looks so grown up. I love the last 2 photos, well really I love them all, but the last two are so cute with the hand raised and walking so happily out of the classroom. It's like you gave me a glimpse of what my son will be doing in just 6 short months.