Friday, January 25, 2008

Picked to play a game: Love, Hate

Logan's been tagged by Nebraska to make a list of loves and dislikes.

Logan says:

I love to roll
I love to suck my thumb
I love my jumperoo
I love my family
I love fruit puffs
I love oatmeal
I love when my Dad blows raspberries on my cheeks
I love sleeping in the car
I love my bath
I love to snuggle

I don't like going to the doctor
I don't like cold food
I don't like getting my nose suctioned
I don't like getting my nose wiped
I don't like when my therapists won't let me suck my thumb

I 'm going to pick Chase, Riley, John to tell us there loves and dislikes. (Mommies can help!)


Braska said...

Logan, you did a great job! And I just got a jumperoo, but I like mine too!

rylie's mom said...

Logan, cool-I love games,now I can post on mommy's blog!

Chris said...

Thanks for inviting us to play!