Monday, January 14, 2008

Sleepy Logan

I am very excited because I may have discovered something HUGE!

When Logan was at the ENT a couple of weeks ago we talked about sleep apnea and the doctor suggested having Logan sit up in a car seat to sleep. At the time I thought that was a little extreme. I just thought about how uncomfortable that would be for him.
Well, since then I have been getting more and more frustrated with how much Logan sleeps (sometimes 18+ hours a day) and he tires easily so we weren't getting much exercise in. Two nights ago I was up at 3am listening to him sleep and I discovered that he was very restless and was coughing a lot. Over the 3 hours I was listening to him there were only short periods where he was still, quiet and not snoring. I was instantly very upset that I had not discovered this earlier. I think the sound of his humidifier in his room was stopping me from hearing how noisey he was. He also never cries at night.
So, for the last two nights he has slept in his car seat and I have seen a huge difference in him! Today, he has only taken one nap (about 2 hours)!! Usually by the afternoon he has napped for over 4 hours. Also, he did great for OT today. OT is usually the hardest for him because he really has no interest in using fine motor skills. Today, he only did a few little things for her, but that was a big difference from past visits.
I still feel like a mean mommy for making him sleep sitting up, but if he is happier and more alert during the day, it's worth it.
Logan will have his hearing tested on the 21st and I plan to talk more to the doctor about what to do for his sleep apnea and laryngomalasia.


Kacey Bode said...

Awesome discovery!! Ella was like that too with the sleeping. She does much better now, maybe just since she has gotten bigger. I'm still wondering though cause she is SO restless and does snore off and on. The car seat may seem mean but it is so well worth it if it helps, cause it will help with everything if he is happy and rested!!! Good job Dr. Mom!!!

The Balsis Family said...

I hope you get some answers. The other thing this reminds me of is reflux ... does he have that? My daughter has silent reflux (no spitting up, etc). He could have burning in his throat causing him to be uncomfortable when lying down. Tons of our kids have reflux too. Just trying to think what else it could be ... keep us posted!

Tammy and Parker said...

Parker has dealt with these same issues. I would request a sleep study via your fact I would insist on that and a PH probe.

Both are non-invasive but could give you some great insight as what could be going on while your handsome man is sleeping.

Tammy and Parker