Thursday, January 17, 2008

Sleep Answer ??

Ok....I thought I had solved a problem, but now I may have a new one.
I thought Logan was sleeping better at night since I started having him sleep sitting up in his car seat. He has always slept through the night, but I discovered he was not getting a good night sleep due to sleep apnea, his laryngomalsia or something (still don't know). He is awake more during the day but he now falls asleep in his high chair at dinner and sometimes at lunch too! He is taking two good naps each day and I would say he is down to about 14 hours of sleep, which is much more in the normal range for his age. It is frustrating...he has fallen asleep during dinner 3 nights in a row. I guess I am hoping he is just adjusting to the new sleep schedule??? I have so many questions for the ENT on Monday. Also, Logan still struggles to breath easily when he is sitting up at night. I am hoping I can get Logan a sleep study among other tests that were suggestions from other Moms. (Thanks!)
We are still getting his hearing tested on Monday, but I feel much more confident that we will
not discover a hearing problem. Since Logan's ear tubes I have noticed him turning his head to my voice and his name. OT was still concerned though because Logan was still not responding to rattles this week, so we will see.


Chris said...

Hi, your boys are both so cute! I hope you find out some answers to your questions when you see ENT next week. Glad to hear that you see a difference in his hearing since having his tubes in. We are still debating having them put in. ENT sees sometimes sees fluid in one ear; sometimes he doesn't.

rylie's mom said...

Melanie, I hope the ENT is able to answer all your questions. Write them all down before you go so, you don't forget. Rylie's ENT is the worse, I always feel so rushed when I'm talking to him, if I don't write my questions down he makes me forget them. I'm sure Logan's tubes are making a big difference with his hearing! Turning towards the sound of your voice and his name is a great sign !