Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Ear Tube Surgery

Tubes are in!
Logan got his tubes this morning and is doing well. They put them in at 7:15am this morning. When the doctor came in, before surgery, he said Logan would be his biggest challenge of the day. (due to his tiny ears) When Logan came back to me he was extremely upset, in fact, he cried hard for an hour straight. The nurses said he was crying more than most kids because the doctor had to really dig around to get the tubes in. He only stopped when he was back in his car seat to go home. (he fell asleep) When we got home I gave him his max dose of Motrin and he slept for a few hours, then he woke up in a much better mood. He now seems to be back to normal, but I fear what he will be like when the pain meds wears off.
I had a bit of a scare when we arrived at the hospital because when the nurses heard Logan's breathing and his cough, they thought that the doctor would not do the surgery. It turns out they didn't understand that Logan is always a noisy breather and he is not sick, even though he sounds like he is. Every time I see a new doctor or nurse they think right away that Logan has RSV. They get all worked up about it and then it always turns out that he doesn't. He just is the way he is and we have gotten used to it.


Michelle said...

So glad to hear things went well! Or at least, that the tubes are in & Logan is home & happier now.

Are you going to the mom & pop place on Saturday?

Mommy to those Special Ks said...

Whew! Glad that's over with! Praying he won't be in pain when the meds wear off!

Kacey Bode said...

I'm glad everything went good!! Hopefully he feels good all night!!!

Christine said...

Glad to hear the tube surgery went well. I hope Logan feels better soon and is not in too much pain.

Lil got tubes at the same time as her heart surgery, so she was on a bunch of pain meds for that. Overall, the tubes have been good for her- no ear infections at all.

Laurie said...

Hope he wakes up happy!

Good to know that it's over.

Emily said...

Glad that things went well! Macy always sounds a little congested when she breaths to.

I hope he is feeling better soon.