Thursday, October 2, 2008

What's a "healthy baby"?

I wish I could participate in 31 for 21, but instead I plan to post about Down syndrome more than I would normally this month. I will be lucky if I can find time to blog once a week this month, let alone everyday!
As my due date approaches I often hear the same words over and over from people, especially from people who don't know me or my family. People like to start conversations with me about my pregnancy. It usually starts with "When are you due?" or "Do you know what you are having?", but it always ends with "As long as it is healthy, that's all that matters." When I hear that I get a sad feeling. What is a "healthy baby"? Before having Logan, I guess I would have considered a baby with DS or other birth defects an unhealthy baby, but are they really?? Logan was born without serious health problems and was and is very much like a typical "healthy baby". I guess I feel like they are saying "unhealthy" babies are not good enough or are a disappointment. During my current pregnancy, I have never said "I just hope she is healthy", because I feel guilty, like I am saying Logan was not good enough and I want this baby to be better. This time, I just want what God is going to give me. However she comes into this world and whoever she is, is what I want. I know that people are afraid of a baby with serious life threatening health issues, I am too, but I am not afraid of a baby that is just different or a little enhanced like Logan.


Anonymous said...

I would consider Logan a "healthy"
baby. And very cute!!!! I always
add when someone says this in my presence to a pregnant friend-or
when I was pregnant-
we will love the baby no matter
what! Most babies have some
medical issues. But unless they
need many medical interventions
they are considered healthy in
my book!

Kerry and Tom said...

I love this post its beautiful.
your an amazing person with and amazing family and beautiful children.

Yo Mamma Mamma! said...

I totally agree with you (and I'm so happy I found your blog - I found the cute pics you posted of Logan and Violette last night and added you to my reader so I can keep up with you!)

Our childen, IMO, are healthy. I have 3 kids - I don't see how Vi is any less healthy than the other ones are!!

Great post!