Monday, February 18, 2008

Logan's Nine Month Stats

Weight: 22 lbs 15.5 oz (80% Regular Chart) (Greater than 90% on DS Chart) He was at 23 lbs 10 oz before RSV.

Length: 27 inches (10% Regular Chart) (50% DS Chart)

Head: 44 cm (15% Regular Chart)

His appointment went pretty well. We discussed a sleep study, which we decided we will do if it's still an issue when he can no longer sit in his car seat to sleep at night. Then, the doctor also asked a list of questions about Logan's gross and fine motor and intellectual development. Even though I am aware of where he is at for his age, I was very disappointed because the doctor went through the whole list and I had to answer no to every question. Like, "does Logan use his thumb and index finger to pick up small objects. (he is just beginning to reach out for stuff, but rarely actually grabs them with his whole hand!!) No, No, No... Let me say, I really like Logan's doctor and I'm not going to hold this against him, because I think he felt bad afterwards. I think he realized how rediculous it was to ask me all of that. I am sure he had to (maybe hoping I would say yes to something). Unfortunately, he made reality hit me...sometimes I get in a mode where I just feel like nothing could bother me, and then WHAMM! The sad feelings hit, but they will pass. His smiles tonight made me forget.


RK said...

I know precisely how you feel. It's not like we don't know how they are doing, but to go step by step through the details can be difficult.

And wow! He's a full double of what Braska was at that age...she was only a piddly 11 lbs. That is so great that he got a good report. He is such a doll, I can see how he can make the sad feelings disappear with a smile!

Mommy to those Special Ks said...

Logan is doing GREAT weight wise! Yahooo!!! He's one pound away from Kennedy who is almost FOUR! LOL

As far as the milestones, next time I would just tell him, NO he's NOT meeting his 12 month milestones and not go through the process. It IS hard! With Kennedy I just put a HUGE "NO" that covered the whole page. The doctor got the point and never made me fill them out again. Of course now I'd have some "yes" answers so maybe I should ask for one?! LOL Hang in there, we all have those moments (days) that it gets to us.

Michelle said...

Wow, he's doing great! He's still so high on the chart!

Ruby doesn't pick up small objects yet, either. She's just gotten down picking up toys. When flu season is over & everyone's good & healthy, it will be fun to get these kids together again! I'd love to see Logan :)

Kacey Bode said...

Yep, I know how you feel. I'm always saying Ella is doing so great, but when you pick everything apart you realize that they are behind. You get used to your kid just being your kid and you don't really notice the difference until it's right there literally in writing. It's hard not to get down, but like you said those smiles make it all worth it : ) Ella was close to his measurements when she was that age! I think after about 11 months she slowed way down on gaining weight. Definetly not something we ever had to worry about. She is now 17 months 30 inches and 25lbs I think she was 75% for height on DS chart, 95% on weight, and 95% for head size. SO, Logan is sleeping in his car seat still? I can't remember when it was that Ella started sleeping on her stomache, I guess it was around 10 months, I wish especially when she is sick that I could get her to sleep sitting at a incline.

Chris said...

Those baby smiles always put things in perspective. Thank God!

Logan is quite the growing boy huh? That is awesome!

It's funny how pediatricians can be so clueless; I guess most don't treat a lot of kids with Ds so it is somewhat of learning experience for them as well. I remember at John's six month visit which (which was a couple of weeks after his heart surgery), our pediatrician told us it was time to lower the crib mattress because over the next few months, he could sitting up and pulling to stand. My husband and I looked at her in disbelief, had to laugh and tell her that we didn't think so. She said, "You never know." We agreed and told her that would be awesome if he did knowing full well the mattress was just fine where it was.

At our nine month visit, I cut to the chase and basically told her what milestones he had hit--saved her from asking and me from having to say "no, no, no" (which, I agree, depending on your mood can still be painful at times.)

At our year visit, she wised up and just said, "So tell me where we are." She appreciates that I am on top of it, that he is getting services, that he is seeing the specialists he needs for his medical problems. I must be honest, I only rely on my pediatrician for doing well baby check ups, treating common childhood illnesses (like croup), and as a starting point if I suspect a bigger issue. Thankfully, she appreciates that different rules apply and defers to those who have more experience treating children with Ds. I like the way she treats my each of my children as unique individuals and really does have their best interests at heart.

Glad that Logan is feeling better and doing so well.

Mindy said...

I know exactly what you mean! I'm off in my own little world, loving life and then WHAM! I'm reminded that we are moving at our own pace. Most of the time I am totally okay with that. But there are moments it just catches you off guard and takes your breath for a minute. Praise the Lord he puts the wind back in our sails ; ) Logan is a big boy! Good for him! Jonas is a little peanut. We had him weighed today when he got his tubes and he was 15lbs. Which is great for our little man. He was 9 months on Sunday. They each have their own schedule for doing things, eh?

Nancy Jo said...

It sounds to me like Logan is doing really well. Each child is different and develops at their own pace. I wish they would chuck all those progress tests and just let nature take care of itself. Hang tough and don't let the less informed individuals get you down. You are all doing great! Also, Devon's montage was awesome! Take care and God Bless.

Anonymous said...

That must have been tough about the milestones. He sure looks like a big happy boy!