Sunday, February 17, 2008

All about Devin

To understand this post, you need to know that Devin is completely in love with all things High School. He LOVES the high school pep band and pretending to run through a poster past the cheerleaders and out onto the gym floor. He's always reinacting everything he sees as High School events...and we go to ALOT of them! (his Dad coaches several sports)


Anonymous said...

That was too cute!!


RK said...

Awesome! He is going to be one fun guy when he finally get to high school for real. It makes me want to put up paper and run through it too!

Mary said...

Although not responsive to this posting, I wanted to share with you that my journey has run nearly parallel to yours this last year. Happening to run across your blog tonight was a blessing; it really does help not to feel alone! My daughter just turned three in January, and my son, Tripp, (T21) turned 11 months this weekend (and was hospitalized with RSV this last month too). I admire your mad blogging skills and have busied myself instead with our family photo page:

Kacey Bode said...

What a cool kid! I LOVE this age and all of the things they think of and pretend!!!