Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Day 5: Not much improvement

Logan's oxygen was lowered yesterday, but when night came he ran a fever and couldn't stop coughing. By morning his O2 needed to be raised up again and they have started deep suctioning him every 4 hours again. He now also has an ear infection.
Again today, when he had just had all his meds and had been suctioned, he was pretty happy and he played for a couple of hours. Hopefully the suctioning will stop his cough tonight and he will get a good nights sleep.
Please pray that we are home by this weekend.


amy flege said...

stopping by and hoping for a better update!! praying you are home by the weekend!!

Chris said...

I'm with Amy...we're still praying. Wish I could do more.

rylie's mom said...

I really hope Logan gets better soon. Sorry you have to be at the hospital so long, I know it's not easy! I will continue to pray!

Michelle said...

Oh Mel, I'm so sad for Logan. I'm home for several more days - give me a call if you want to talk or need something. ANYTHING!