Tuesday, February 26, 2008

A Prayer Answered

On Saturday, I posted about making the right choice and I just read another blog who just caused an expectant mother to make that right choice. Read how litte Ella Grace changed the lives of a special family who just found out there unborn daughter has Down syndrome. This story is exactly what I wished for.

Ella Grace With The Pretty Face

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Kerry and Tom said...

Nancy Jo Garner gave me your blog address. I have to tell you that your truly blessed with 2 of the most beautiful children I have ever seen. I watched one of your videos and I am shocked and words cannot describe the sorrow I felt in my heart when it said 90% of mothers with DS children terminate them. I spent many years wanting a child and would have given anything for a little baby. No matter what the situation. It shook me to the core thats all I can say. I love this blog thanks for sharing your little guy with us and educating all of us that read it.