Monday, May 17, 2010

Well Check and Cardio Appointment

Logan's well check went pretty well. He has had super yucky nasal congestion for about a month and a half and he is now on his second round of antibiotics and an allergy medicine to try to clear it up. If not, we will discuss getting his adenoids taken out. His growth is slow, but steady. We also had blood drawn to check his thyroid. His umbilical hernia is still there, but his doctor wants to wait til 5 or 6 to fix it if it doesn't close.

We visited his cardiologist, we hoped for the last time, and we found out that he will need to go back next summer. His hole has closed, but one side of his heart was slightly enlarged. The doctor needs to find out if that is just the way his heart will be or if it is a trend. He thinks it could be from all the nasal congestion he has had lately. He said not to worry.

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suelmayer said...

Love the picture, what a cutie!!!