Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Bye Bye Birth to 3...

Hello reality. We had our last visit from Birth to 3 yesterday and it's all starting to hit me now. The fact that those people who have helped us and been on our side for the last three years are now gone. Now I feel lost and it feels like the days shortly after Logan was born when we didn't know exactly what the next steps were going to be. We have followed the typical protocol and have enrolled Logan in the local school's early childhood program, but it's all new and it's hard to trust others who we don't know and who don't know Logan. We developed an IEP, but it just doesn't feel right, or at least not yet. I always feel unsure that I am doing every I can for Logan. Now, as he turns three, I hope that I did enough over the past three years. We are faced now with all new challenges and we are facing them in new environments with new people.

Logan got to enjoy a cupcake with his Birth to 3 teacher and speech therapist on his last day. We are really going to miss the entire Birth to 3 team!

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