Friday, May 14, 2010


After all the craziness with AAI and getting the ok to do this, we have finally started!
Logan is having a blast with the hippotherapy! He wasn't afraid and makes it through his entire sessions with no problem. I have already noticed him using his speech a great deal while on the horse. In fact, he talks their ear off the entire time!
We have also decided to do OT and PT along with the hippotherapy at Country Kids the entire summer. Logan did not qualify for summer school, so instead of sitting out of therapy for the summer, we will get it here. We were also told that it is great to do a little bit of PT and OT before and after riding the horse.


barb said...

I love your blog and photos. I am an OT and also do hippotherapy.I like how you mention doing activities before and after the sessions. You might be interested in my list of carryover activities:
Also, if you give me permission, I would love to put the photo of Logan with that awesome peg device for rings on my blog. I am always looking to add activities and I do not have permission to use photos of the children I work with. I would give a link to your blog if you would lie. thanks,
barbara smith OTR/L

My name is Sarah said...


Christi said...

Thats awesome! I luv the photots such a cutie!

Kelli said...

Love it! I bet he has so much fun during therapy sessions. Glad everything went well with the surgery.


My name is Leonardo. Thank you for sharing so lovely photos. Logan is so cute. I'm a MD and I am using hippotherapy in my patients. I would like to know more about your experience with Logan.