Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Logan Update

Today, Logan's ear tube and adenoid removal surgery went really well. His ENT said that his adenoids were larger than expected, so he will really benefit from having them out. Also, his ears had a ton of fluid and even puss. His ears drained A LOT today, so I hope that he will be feeling and hearing better soon!
Thanks for all the prayers.


RK said...

So glad it went well. I hope his congestion troubles are behind him!! :o)

Jen said...

That's great! My daughter got tubes at 12 months and what a world of difference it made with her awareness, alertness, and even play!

Anonymous said...

I'll bet Logan will be a different boy---new&improved!

heidi marie said...

glad that everything went well. and i'm sure he will do so much better with all this behind him.