Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Thinking back...

When I was taking Logan to the doctor the other day I had a flash back to about a year ago. I remembered what it was like to take Logan to the doctor in the first few weeks after he was born. I remembered crying most of the way there because I was dreading what the doctor would say. I feared more bad news and I couldn't take anymore. I felt like I had gotten enough bad news to last a lifetime after Logan's birth. I wonder now what the doctor though of me then...I must have looked horrible. I was a mess. Then I would cry all the way home just because of the stress of it all. Even though the doctor was very nice and tried to avoid anything negative, we had to discuss Logan as he was and what was in his future.

Now, doctor visits are so different. I feel confident (most of the time) that I have Logan's health under control and I look forward to showing him off. The nurses and his doctor love seeing him and always have great things to say about how he is doing. A year ago I would have never thought I would ever enjoy a doctor visit.

In reality, we had it easy when Logan was born. He was born with very minimal health problems. I remind myself that things could be much harder, especially when I am feeling sorry for myself while I'm taking care of Logan's health issues. Those parents who go through so much more are the strongest people I know. They are my inspiration.


Chris said...

I agree; those parents who are caring for medically fragile children are my inspiration too.

John goes to the doctor tomorrow and aside from being a little worried about his hemoglobin; I really feel like there won't be any surprises--so unlike those months when he was first born, pre heart surgery.

So glad Logan is doing so well!

Michelle said...

You know, I was thinking about Logan today - did you go to the eye dr. today, too? Ruby went for her 6 month checkup this morning & I was hoping we'd run into you.