Thursday, June 12, 2008

Thyroid Issue

We are headed to the Pediatrician this afternoon because Logan's 12 month thyroid test came back abnormal....that's all I know at this time. The nurse just told me that he needed to be seen ASAP. Sad story...I found out about the abnormal test by asking about it when I called to ask about outdoor allergies that I believe Logan is suffering from right now. He had the blood drawn for the thyroid test a month ago!! And when I called yesterday with a question about allergies I just thought I would ask because the nurse had Logan's file in front of her. She said that a note was made that I was contacted last Friday with the results!! NO! I was not contacted!! What if I had not asked??? This is not the first time that the communication at this office has not been good. I don't know that I will put up with it much longer. Are all doctors and nurses so disorganized?? I love Logan's Ped, but he and his staff need to not be so forgetful and disorganized. Once again, I feel like it is all my responsibility to get the care Logan needs.
Thyroid Update to come....


Anonymous said...

***hugs*** Hopefully everything will be okay. Eric's bloodwork has come back positive for hypothyroidism before, and on a retest was fine. He just has to get blood work more often now to ensure it stays that way.

Praying everything will be alright.


Michelle said...

We LOVE our pediatrician - I'd be happy to pass along her name if you want it. She's in Appleton, right off of 41.

Ruby had an off level for her thyroid last month, too. Our doc called the specialist (pediatric endocrinologist) at Children's & everyone agreed to just retest her in August (at 15 months).

Hopefully Logan's bloodwork is fine - how frustrating that they didn't tell you (and even worse that they documented that they DID tell you.)

Chris said...

I remember you telling me that Logan's level was a little high awhile ago--when I was stressing about John's.

Well, I just want you to know, as I'm sure you already do, that hypothyroidism is pretty common in kids with Ds. Thankfully, it is easily controlled. One pill smashed in some applesauce and all is fine.

I don't like to medicate my kids, but compared to all of the other potential issues that can arise. This one was a quick fix. Hopefully, Logan will not need medication, but I just wanted you to know if he does, it will be ok.