Friday, June 27, 2008

Yet another trip to the doctor

Just when I thought that we were going to get through a week without an appointment, Logan ends up with a drippy, goooy ear. Yes, another ear infection. This is his third since his tubes were put in, in January. He never had an infection before the tubes (they were put in to drain fluid affecting his hearing) and I thought the tubes prevented infections! So he is suffering from outdoor allergies and this new infection. Poor guy! I was hoping summer would be free of sickness.


The Balsis Family said...

Oh bummer. Does he have micro tubes or were they able to get regular tubes in his ears? Payton's first set were micro, but she has been golden since getting the regular size tubes. Hope it clears up soon!

arnesona said...

It was great to see you too:) Your kids are adorable and I am so glad that you showed me your blog. Thank you so much for the gift card to Rico's. That was very sweet of you girls to do:) Angie

Michelle said...

Oh bummer!! That's not fun. I hope he's feeling better soon!