Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Christmas Picture Adventure

Yesterday, I took the kids to get their picture taken for our Christmas card. (I gave up trying to take it myself) I didn't have big expectations for the picture, because I knew just what was going to happen, and I was right. Logan didn't like strange people telling him to smile so he looked mad and crawled away. Devin wouldn't sit still and was more concerned about how everything worked. Aubrey cried when I put her down. I held out hope for a miracle picture, but we did leave with Christmas cards and that's all I wanted. At one point, the photographer had me get in the picture and the kids did a little better but I didn't want to be on the Christmas card without Dale. Here are a couple of the pictures. I will share the Christmas card later. We never did get a picture of the three of them together, but we put a couple of pictures together to make the card.
(I didn't order any prints yet, so these are taken from their website, that's why they have the logo over them)

"Are we done yet?" He's a little frazzled from us pulling him back into the shot, can you tell??

I love this Logie expression!! I don't remember this, but they caught him.

Wow! We were all looking at the camera! I would like to cut my head off this one and then it would be the only one we got of the three of them.


arnesona said...

We just got some professional pics as well. And it started out great, but towards the end, Collin was ready to be done looking at a camera. These look great Mel! I like the one of all of you!

Sandy said...

These are really cute! Where did you go?

Kim said...

We were at the Picture People yesterday also! Madison is so stubborn and just won't smile. We ended up with one family picture and one picture of both kids where she is kind of smiling. At least Noah was smiley. He did so good we got his 6 month pictures taken while we were there, even though it is a few weeks early.

Kim said...

Those are nice pictures. We haven't taken ours yet. A friend is coming by today to do ours. wish us luck!