Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Double Frustration

We have multiple frustration levels rising around here. First, Devin did fairly well when Aubrey was born. He seemed to adjust well and I didn't see a lot of jealousy or acting out, but that has all changed. He's now looking for attention anyway he can get it. He especially has a hard time during Logan's therapy sessions. He often interferes and when he is told to stop, he gets very angry and out of control. (like screaming and throwing things, which is not like him)

The other little man showing frustration around here is Logan. This is a brand new thing for him. Until now, he has been our easy going one. Besides showing his stubborn side every now and then, he has been very agreeable. But now, he has been yelling, throwing his head back and banging things with his hands when he disagrees with what is happening to him or around him. For example, when he's sitting in his high chair waiting to eat and I don't get out the food he wants, he throws his head back against his chair, wines and bangs his fists on the tray. So now, I am scrambling to learn more signs and other ways to lower his frustration level before it gets worse. One good thing is he is signing during some of his frustrating moments. I know that he knows several signs, but like he has done in the past, he is not going to do them unless it is absolutely necessary. That is his stubborn side coming out. Just like him not feeding himself, or taking a bottle until he finally gave in. Logan is still extremely easy going, but these little episodes are very different for him. As frustrating as these moments can be for me, I love it at the same time. Logan is showing me that he has preferences and that he wants to communicate. Now we just need to find ways to communicate. I am currently taking pictures of foods so that I can create a picture board where he can point to what he wants. We started watching Baby Signing Time and I hope that he starts to use signs regularly.

We need a break from frustration around here....I could also mention Aubrey's major spitting up issues and colic. Thankfully she seems to have gotten over the worst of the colic and she should only get better from here. It's hard to deal with Logan and Devin when she cries all of the time.


Our Joyful Adventure said...

Before we had the twins, Matthew (our then 2 1/2 year old) was a total angel. Once they were born, he did very well at first, but not long after we brought them home, he started trying to get attention in any way he could. It was really hard for me b/c I had no extra hands. I was feeding both babies at once and he was running around like a maniac. I put the tv on a lot just so he wouldn't hurt himself while I was feeding. It was an emotional time b/c I felt like I'd lost my baby. Before the twins were born he was everything. I know you have 2 older ones, so that makes it a bit of a different situation. Just wanted to say I feel your frustration in that particular area. Things have gotten better around here now that Matthew and the twins can play together, but there are still those times when he gets jealous b/c Mom AND Dad are occupied with a brother. Best of luck to you! You seem like a great mom and your kids are adorable.

Maureen said...

I love the pix below of Aubrey. It must be so tough to have kids so close in age, you don't even have to mention the Down syndrome. When you have more than one child, guilt is just a way of life. When Penny first came along, I had to divise a plan where nathaniel got "TV Coupons" good for 30 minutes of TV when he was well behaved at dr's and therapy visits or even at dinner time since we were having issues there. But Devin may be too young for that, Nathaniel was 5. . .

Sandy said...

If you need a break or some time away, just let us know! We'd be happy to help you out!

Kim said...

*hugs* I know how frustrating that can be. Our middle child cried all the time. It's like all the kids feed off eachother. Hoping all gets better!

arnesona said...

There is a light to the end of the tunnel:) Hang in there! Thinking of you!

Anonymous said...

My sons are teenagers now but
I still remember how hard it
was to meet both their needs
when they were young- especially
when they both cried at the
same time- who should I go
to first? (they are 2.5 yrs
apart)Once they are all over
3- It gets much easier-
You will wish you can have
them back as babies -just
for a day!

Kris said...

First of all, CONGRATULATIONS on your new beautiful baby girl. I don't think I've commented on your blog since she has been born, although I've been meaning to! I'm sorry you're having a frustrating time. Hang in there! I'm sure life will be much easier when you have colic behind you :). Erin loves Baby Signing Time and I give them much credit for Erin learning signs. Hopefully Logan will enjoy them as much as Erin! Kris