Sunday, August 30, 2009

I love to meet new bloggers!

I love to meet new parents who have a child with DS. Especially a new baby!! Every now and then I get an email from one of these new parents telling me how they have just found my blog. We then get to share about our kiddos and the best friendships and lines of support develop.
Tonight, I got an email from Katie. She has the most adorable son Jack! You can visit her blog and see for yourself how amazing little Jack is HERE. I always wish I could meet these little ones and their parents face to face. I guess you never know! I have been so lucky to meet a few of you who live across the country from me already!

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Katie said...

That is so sweet Melanie! I feel so lucky that Jack is in my life and it is only because of HIM that I get to meet all these great new friends. I truly feel so lucky and blessed!!!! I hope we meet some day as well.