Monday, August 31, 2009

Random Pictures

I have to admit that I haven't been taking many pictures of my kids lately...but I searched my camera for some of them and I found a few to share. I'm scrambling to emptying my camera card to make room for "first day of school" pictures tomorrow. I'm nervous and I think Devin is too....for his first day of school that is. I don't think I will be sleeping much tonight. He has already told me that he is scared to go and he really hasn't been on his own before. I will be counting the minutes to when the bus brings him back.

Devin racing Dad and the stroller.

Logan and Aubrey loved to go for walks. They keep their hands to themselves most of the time.

Devin has become a dare devil on his bike. He now stands up while he is riding and also rides with his feet off of the pedals!

Logan loves to sweep! He's such a good helper and I don't have to ask.

Devin starts a new phase of his life tomorrow. I can't believe he is old enough for school! He's still my baby.


Jeanette said...

Sydney LOVES to sweep too. She is just now taking steps, but she is a whiz with a dust pan

Heidi said...

Great pictures - I loved looking at them! Logan looks so cute sweeping!

Good luck tomorrow - I hope Devin enjoys his time at school! Time goes so quickly doesn't it? I remember when Caleb was a baby - how can he be old enough for school?!

Brandy said...

Hugs for both of you tomorrow! Just wait till he starts 8th grade like my oldest baby did this year!

Kim said...

I seem to go in cycles taking pictures also. I think the busier we are the less time we have for taking pictures.

Good Luck tomorrow. Madison starts school next Tuesday. For us, I just feel like she is going to "daycare" at another location, so I am not adjusting from her being home all the time to being gone all the time. It will be different on Monday and Friday mornings when she isn't here. I am sure Devin will do great!

I love the sweeping pictures! Noah is obsessed with our swiffer as well.

Take care!