Friday, July 17, 2009

Park Playdate

The clouds, record low temps and rain didn't stop us from having a great DSFN park playdate this morning. We actually had an awesome turnout despite the gloomy weather! I also remembered to pack my camera!! So, I got some great pictures of all the kids that showed up. Seven families came to the park to play!

Ruby, Max, Logan, Micah and Aaron (Brandon and Erin came after this picture was taken)

Logan loves to slide! Devin had a great time taking Logan on the park equipment.
Erin and Max's older sister Lily.

Devin, Logan and Brandon's older brother Mitchell.

Brandon (and the cutest smile ever!)

Logan and Brandon

Micah and Brandon posing for a picture.
Logan protecting his cracker from Aaron...Aaron's thinking "come on Logan, please!" (Aaron's older sister, Samantha is in the background)
Micah's younger brother, Matthew. (Micah's brother, Nathan, was also at the park today)

Micah smiling for his Mom.

Our trouble makers, Devin and Aaron's older brother, Christian.

Logan wanting the big swing!


Erin (Michelle-we were sad that Ruby missed a chance to play with a girl her age for a change!)

I met Erin for the first time in Boston at the NDSC Convention, but she lives just a half hour away in Green Bay.


Michelle said...

OH NO! I can't believe Erin showed up!! Another GIRL, and we missed it!!!! AAAGH!!

Well, for a rainy day, it turned into a good playdate morning.

Can I steal a pic or 2 for the DSFN blog? said...

They are all so beautiful! Looks like everyone is having a great time!

Kris said...

Michelle, we are sorry we missed you too!! We'll have to come back. It was very nice to meet some of your great group. The pictures are great Melanie! Kris and Erin

Jeanette said...

Such beautiful kids! Don't you just love playdates? Sydney LOVES, LOVES, LOVES the slide!