Sunday, July 19, 2009

Two playdates in one day!

My last post was about our DSFN playdate last Friday, but we also had another park playdate that same day in the afternoon. This playdate was with some of my high school friends and their kids. I am so thankful to have kept in touch with them. We have such a great time at playdates and girls nights out. I can't believe we have been out of HS now for over 10 years and we are now out numbered by our kids! There are 9 of us and we have 12 kids! Six of us were able to meet at the park Friday along with our 10 kids!
(girls, a few pictures are also here)

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Amanda Wysocki said...

Where did you get Logan's Brewer track suit? It is so cute!! He is getting so big too:)