Thursday, January 15, 2009

Possibility Playground

View the current issue of MetroParent Magazine online. The AWESOME Possibility Playground is featured. I hope to visit it someday. I wish it was closer to us. The playground is designed for children of all abilities and is located in Port Washington, WI. This playground is a dream come true for there community. It is a great example of people coming together to make our world a better place for differently-abled kids.


Michelle said...

Have you been to the playground at Memorial Park in Appleton? It's not as big as this new one - but it's accessible and nice. It's big - but WOW, that Possibility Playground looks huge!

Anonymous said...

I lived in a community that built
a similar playground. It was
called 'Dreampark'.
It was so great when the kids were little because it was very safe
and there was so much to do!
We moved away when the kids were
3 and 7- we really missed it.

Kim said...

The article reminded me of Memorial Park Playground also. Good friends of ours live in Port Washington. Maybe we will have to check it out with them next time we go visit.