Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Logan is 20 Months!

Two, here we come...
Two is just around the corner! Logan is currently standing, but no steps yet. He is having a great time getting into trouble. He has found that toilets are a great place to splash around and drawers and clothes baskets are fun to empty. I have found him with underwear on his head a few times this week! He also loves our playroom. Unfortunately it is downstairs, so he usually will rattle the gate until we carry him down. He also loves to move to music and chatter back and forth with his brother. He loves food and makes a silly face when he likes something! He also squirms to get out of your lap and onto the floor. Oh....and he has mastered FAST crawling! He has a new lighting speed!
Here he is at 20 MONTHS!

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Michelle said...

Logan, you handsome little guy!! Happy 20 months!

He's so sweet!

Anonymous said...

I love this age! I babysat a friends 18 mth old a few weeks ago- I forgot how busy they are at this age- but so much fun-
Logan is a cutie- One of my
favourite blog kids!

Terri said...

Logan is SOOO stinkin' cute! Happy 20 months.

RK said...

Man! He is TOO good-lookin' for his own good!