Sunday, January 11, 2009

No More Bottle...maybe?

I am a little nervous about taking Logan's bottle away. We have tried straws, many different sippy cups and an open cup, but we haven't had much luck. Logan is typically pretty stubborn about change, so I don't know if it is a skill level problem or just him resisting change. He does hold his own bottle now while laying down, so I thought that he would soon hold his own cup, but we haven't had much luck. He makes me hold the cup and he has difficulty closing his mouth around the sippy or straw. And, if he does successfully suck a little out, he doesn't swallow it and most dribbles out of his mouth. I had a little luck holding a Nuby soft sippy for him recently, so I got him a Nuby with handles and two different "sippers" for it. We are going to start with the "bottle like nipple sipper" and gradually move to the regular "sipper" and then hopefully to a straw and open cup. Tonight at dinner we tried the new cup. Logan was very interested in using it and put it to his mouth, but he doesn't hold it up enough so the liquid goes to the mouth. I helped him and then let him drink the rest reclined after dinner. So, I plan to stop giving him a bottle from now on (fingers crossed) and hopefully we can get enough fluids in him with the new cup. I know that this cup is not good for speech, but I want him to become more independent. Hopefully we will be able to move to a better cup or straw soon.


Laurie said...

Chase uses a straw, and we started with that by using a honey-bear cup. Has your ST ever recommended that? It's just the honey-bear container (like the one in the grocery store) but with plastic tubing. You can squeeze the bear and force liquid into the straw for him, then once he swallows and starts to get that he can drink from it, the swallowing creates suction and before you know it, he's drawing liquid into the straw without your help! I think we used the honey-bear for about a week before Chase really got it.

Also, for lip closure, ask your ST about oral-motor massages you can do to stimulate some of those muscles. And Chase started the whistle hierarchy with the ST, where there are a bunch of whistles that he learns how to use and each one targets a different area of muscles to help oral posture.

Good luck!

Maureen said...

He is just too cute, how can you take his bottle away! We have been luck that Penny has been able to drink out of a straw since about 9 months. She does forget to get the cup down sometimes; we have to remind her often.

Logan will get there with practice I am sure! Just look how great he is doing with everything else. Good luck.

Little Miss E said...

Ah, he looks like such a big boy with his cup!!

Randall said...

I found your blog through Class of 2008. My daughter is almost 18 months old and we are in the battle of the bottle/sippy cup/ straw... anything to get her to change from the bottle. Your story was SO similar. Good luck. I know it will be a while until any transition takes place. Does he like anything besides formula? I can't get Syd to take ANYTHING but formula. Ugh!