Monday, January 5, 2009

New Year Thoughts

I thought about reflecting on the past year with Logan, but I think I would just be repeating everything I have already shared. It is bitter sweet to say goodbye to what has been a challenging but memorable year. I often want to freeze time for a few moments to savor all that is happening so fast with Logan. He is growing up too quickly and I fear I will forget all of the precious moments that we have shared with him. I guess that is why I take a million pictures and videos. But on the other hand, I can't wait for this year and all of the new and exciting things that we will experience together. I am looking forward to first steps and the look on his face when it happens. It will be priceless! I love watching his face as he discovers new things. His reactions are so genuine.
Logan has many new skills and I could post one just about every day. (especially if I included all of the new ways he is finding to get into things around the house!) Like today, he successfully put two legos together and he drank a little milk from a sippy cup! Here's a short video that shows how far Logan has come over the past year. Happy New Year!


Our Joyful Adventure said...

Wow, Logan is doing so much! He's very good at playing the drums. :) Happy New Year!

arnesona said...

Love the video Mel!! You are so creative with your blog! How do you find the time with 3 kids? I know what you mean about all of the "priceless" moments! I love watching Collin grow and learn. It is one of the best parts of being a mom:) Collin is still not crawling, but I am sure that it will come soon.

Sandy said...

I love the video. It is great to see Logan's accomplishments in the past year. He is so cute playing the drums!!!

Anonymous said...

I was in tears. Logan is amazing!!