Thursday, November 13, 2008

18 Months!

Happy 18 months Logan!!
Time is just going way to fast! I am trying very hard these days to cherish every moment. Logan is at a great age and is becoming quite the funny boy. He loves to giggle and do things to get my attention. (my favorite thing right now is how he has just started crawling into my lap to makes me melt, there's nothing better.) It's becoming more clear what he likes and dislikes...I love getting to know him better and discovering more of his adorable personality!

Check out Mr. October in the New Hope Center 2009 Calendar. New Hope Center provides services to individuals with disabilities and provides our county's Birth to Three program. The calendar is celebrating Individuals with Abilities! I would love to list all of the things Logan is doing, but they are getting much to numerous these days!!


My name is Sarah said...

You are a star with your very own calendar page. Very cool.

Michelle said...

Look at that handsome boy! How exciting to be Mr. October! :)