Friday, November 21, 2008

18 month check-up

Weight: 26 lbs 2 oz (60%)
Height: 30.25 inches (10%)

Logan's check-up was very uneventful, which is great! He just needed a flu shot and he doesn't need any tests or other vaccinations until he is two. Hopefully we won't see his pediatrician again until then, but winter is coming and I can only pray Logan stays healthy.


Maureen said...

yay! Logan, you are so cute with your walking. Was your pediatrician so happy with that milestone?

My name is Sarah said...

Yea Logan!

Jennie said...

No RSV shots for Logan? I'm surprised, given his struggles last winter. Not that I like shots, but I'm glad Micah qualified for RSV shots again this year. Given how illnesses affect little ones with Down syndrome, I'm planning to write to the Down Syndrome Congress and ask that they work with Synagis to get babies with Down syndrome on the "list" for pre-approval (those shots are crazy expensive, so it takes an "act of Congress" to get approval).