Thursday, October 29, 2009

Where has October gone?

I can't believe I only posted three times this month!! And it was Down syndrome awareness month! Lately, I have been struggling with how to prioritize my time....and I guess blogging fell low on my list, but I am slowly getting more organized and feeling less frazzled. I just have too many things going at once right now. I am figuring it out though. I've found that I love photography, but struggle to decide how much time to devote to it. Time with my kids is number one, but there is always laundry to do, cleaning to attempt and groceries to shop for when I would rather play with my kids.
Down syndrome awareness month does mean a lot to fact, I have spent a lot of time this month planning for next October. Planning for the Fox Cities Down Syndrome Awareness Walk has kept me thinking about what is important for me and other families who love someone with Down syndrome.
Logan is doing fantastic this month! He is showing off new skills each week at gymnastics class, he is talking more each day, he is a little comedian who can make anyone laugh, he has started coming to me for hugs at random moments during the day, he loves to look at books, he loves cars, he hates bed time, he watches and signs along with his Signing Time DVDs, he loves to play with playdoh, he can draw lines and circles, he "runs" around the house with his brother and sister and he says hi to strangers at the store.
I can't wait for next month to find out what he will do next!

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mauimom said...

Hi Melanie, I just found your blog when I was getting my blog on Networked Blogs. How lucky are you to be so talented in photography so you can take wonderful pictures of your BEAUTIFUL children! I have a 6mth old son, Sylas, who has DS. We have a cabin in western WI that we visit in the summer. I wish Appleton was a bit closer so we could meet. I look forward to following your blog!