Monday, March 23, 2009

How others react to Logan

I feel like I haven't been saying much on this blog lately...I guess that's because I have been busy with photography stuff. I think I am actually posting more often on my photography blog. Anyway...Logan has been consistently taking several steps at a time, but he is still crawling most of the time. He still likes to try to walk all by help accepted. His walking attempts have really attracted a lot of staring lately when we're out. Strangers seem very entertained by watching Logan try to walk. (It IS super cute) I like that people notice Logan because I feel like he impacts people's opinions of people with Down syndrome. I often take him with me in public when I could just leave him home, because I feel like his world will be better place for him as an adult if the people of our community see him out as much as possible. We are extremely blessed that my husband works within our school district so all of the staff and most of the students know Logan. So, when he enters school, he will be well known and hopefully well accepted. I dream that when he is out around town as an adult, others will acknowledge him and talk to him.
I am also finding that he is very memorable for people. People remember him and his name, but rarely remember me or the other kids. People come up to me, who have seen us before, and say that they remember Logan and ask how he is doing. It's funny how this sweet, quiet little boy can attract so much attention without much effort. We often get comments about how well he plays and how he is so content. People sometimes say that like they are shocked. Like they would expect him to not play and not be so easy going. I'm not sure what they expect or what they are thinking when they see him and our family, but the smiles we get are nice. Right after we got Logan's diagnosis, I pictured being out with him and getting a lot of stares and that others would not talk to us...I pictured other families avoiding us and not wanting to interact with Logan. But so far, the reaction is the opposite. In fact, every now and then, I just want to sit and watch my kids play in public without others asking about Logan. But, most of the time I enjoy sharing how great he is and how well he is doing. He has turned out to be quite the famous little man!


Heidi said...

I think it's great that you make sure you take Logan out as much as possible. I found it hard taking Joel out at first - I was afraid of the stares. The more I have taken him out the better though. I still get some stares but I also get some smiles and really nice comments.

Logan seems like such a sweety I can understand why everyone wants to talk to you about him!

Lisa said...

Oh- I can relate... my husband has said the last two times he's taken Cody with him to the grocery store that people have come up and said, "Oh, hi Cody... blah blah blah"... we crack up that he is so popular! And we totally bring him EVERYWHERE with us....