Wednesday, August 27, 2008

My little show off!

Today, Logan tried a gymnastics class for 4-10 months olds. I put him in this class because most kids are walking in the next class. The other babies in the class were close to crawling, but were not. I told the other Mom's that Logan had started crawling yesterday and I didn't really expect him to crawl much...I was so wrong! He wouldn't stay anywhere near me! He just kept crawling away...a long way away! He showed off his new skill big time. It seemed like he loved the red mats we were on. At the end of the class they blew bubbles and Logan crawled all over popping the bubbles on the mat with his hands. He also was the only baby that rolled a ball back to me when we played a pass the ball game! I know he was the oldest, but those other babies were the same age as Logan's age developmentally! I was so proud of him.
Oh, and one more thing, Logan pulled himself up a couple more times lately!

Blood Test Results Finally Came Back:
Blood Work CBC-Normal!


amy flege said...

wow! way to go logan!! and woo hoo on the blood work too!

Bethany said...

That's awesome, I swear our kids do so many things when we least expect it! :)