Monday, August 25, 2008

Arc Corn Roast and Down to Earth Picnic

Last week we were busy with many end of summer picnics. The Arc Fox Cities corn roast was a fun event with many kid's activities and of course we got to spend time with some DSFN families. Then, over the weekend, we saw our friends again. The Down to Earth Picnic is a wonderful DS support group about 45 minutes from us. I have been able to make a few monthly meetings over the last year, but the distance makes it hard to attend often. This group has so many wonderful families and many kids close to Logan's age. We are so lucky to have two wonderful support groups close by. Here are a few pics from the Down to Earth Picnic.

The park had a great splash pad with water fountains. Devin loved it and wouldn't even stop playing for a picture.

Precious Micah with his Mom.

Of course, Logan's buddy Aaron was there.

Me, Devin and Logan doing the Hokey Pokey.


Michelle said...

Glad you had such a great time at the picnic!

amy flege said...

looks like a great time!! look at your cute belly too!!! hope you are feeling ok!

arnesona said...

Wow your getting big. Only 45 more days to go!! Can't wait to see the new baby:)