Friday, May 23, 2008

It's been a while...and some news!

This week has gone so fast...
Logan is scheduled for a swallow study on June 6th. We could have gotten in earlier, but I am unable to participate due to being pregnant and it being an x-ray, so we are waiting until school is out for Dale. He has taken too many days off school already this year (for Logan's stuff) and this procedure is not an urgent one. I actually feel we may have missed this one a LONG time ago and he probably has improved over the last couple of months. I just had never heard of swallow issues causing problems for babies. But looking back, it may explain a lot of what Logan has been through. But then on the other hand, his swallowing may be fine and we still may never know what caused his respiratory issues, cough and difficulty with thin liquids. I hope to get some answers, but also hope that nothing is wrong at all.

Logan picked up a gerber puff just now AND put it in his mouth!!! He started eating crackers this week, but I had to put it in his hand. I cheered so loud for him that he looked at me like I was crazy!! Oh well. He is starting to show an interest in food, which is something I was worried about.


Michelle said...

Yay, Logan!!

Ruby really likes those baby cookies, arrowroot cookies, I think they're called? But not as small as a puff! That takes skillz!

Mary said...

Way to go Logan! Keep it up buddy!

Leah's had numerous video swallows. She silently aspirates (which we found out during a swallow study) and it has caused her lots of trouble from the beginning. It has improved tremendously since birth but she still aspirates and we still thicken her liquids. I hope you find some answers!

Kacey Bode said...

Good job Logan, it takes lots of skills to pick up the puffs!!!

The swallow study thing....definetly something I wish had been done for Ella earlier. She is 20 months and just had hers done. But, you can't blame yourself, after all we are not doctors. I wouldn't have known anything if it wasn't for Ella's new wonderful speech therapist. So, now that Ella's liquids all have to be thickened life is better. She does not go around spitting up all the time, fluid doesn't leak from her mouth when she drinks her bottle, and I don't know if it is a coincedence or not but her speech has picked up. Good luck on the study!!

amy flege said...

WOOHOO LOGAN!! great fine motor skills buddy!
Mayson's first food she picked up was the all natural white cheddar cheetos. she still loves them!!

Stephanie said...

YAY for Logan....I remember how happy I was on this day too...a little independence goes a long way!
Good luck with the swallow study!!!