Saturday, April 5, 2008

Logan is sick :(

Logan came down with a really runny nose yesterday afternoon and it just hasn't stopped!! It is flowing constantly and he is fussy, which he never is unless he is really sick.
It just figures!!!...he's been in perfect health for the past month and a half and now and when we are supposed to go to Milwaukee next week for his hearing test, he gets sick!!!!
We've been waiting for this hearing test since January, and we could have gone in Feb but he got RSV. He has to be healthy because he needs to be sedated so he'll see his Pediatrician on Tues to ok him for Friday's test, but I fear now he is going to say we need to reschedule.
It's at least 2-3 months before we would be able to get in again!!!


Michelle said...

Oh no! I hope you don't have to reschedule. Hopefully Logan's feeling better SOON!

Nancy Jo said...

Our prayers are with little Logan. Get well soon, buddy!