Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Feeding Mistake??

I introduced Logan to solid foods when he was between 4 and 5 months old hoping that starting him early would help him develop the feeding skills he needs by the time he was a year old. I was hoping he would be chewing and swallowing well by now and enjoying eating, but that has yet to happen. In fact, I think he hates solid food more every day. He has always had problems with very thin foods so I have been thickening everything. When he tries to eat something that is too thin, it ends up shooting out of his mouth and he is also unable to swallow it. When he was younger I thought he was refusing to open his mouth for the spoon because he just wasn't used to eating yet, but now it is 7 months later and he still refuses to open his mouth most of the time and if he does open up, he only takes a few spoons fulls then he is locking his lips and turning his head away. He has almost never finished a jar of baby food and I tried real foods pureed and unpureed with no luck. He seems to like real food a little better, but he doesn't know how to keep the chunks in his mouth.

Yesterday, one of his therapists mentioned that we can expect him to be able to handle what we would expect from a baby at his developmental level, which would be about 7 months old. (It was hard to hear that said out loud for the first time.) So, I guess I feel like I was pushing him too hard. I am now trying to think of him as 7 months and we are going to start all over. I also wondered why he was only able to drink 6 ounces at a time. 11 month olds are supposed to be drinking 8 ounces, so I was worried that he wasn't getting enough. He also has not gained any weight since December. His doctor wasn't worried because he has always been heavier than babies his age, but as his Mom, I was worried that he wasn't gaining.

I feel like I did the wrong thing by starting foods early. I feel like I have been trying to feed him for so long with him resisting, that I have turned him off of food. I just wish I could go back and maybe if I would have waited longer, maybe he would like food more. I would give anything right now to see him finish his food and enjoy it.


Michelle said...

We have the same problem w/ Ru right now. I started her on solids @ 6 mos. It helps her stay 'regular', but she's just not a big eater. And she spits up SO MUCH. I wondered why she doesn't drink that much.

I guess I have no advice - but you're not alone.

Anonymous said...

You didn't do anything wrong. I too started Eric on solids at 4 months old for the exact same reasons you did. I thought he would need the extra time to learn. Eric does really well now - eats everything we do (no baby food anymore at all). However - he does not self-feed! He has never attempted to put anything in his mouth. We are also having major problems getting him to drink from any sippy cup - and believe me we have tried them all!

I wish I had some great advice for you, I guess we just have to be really patience and know that they will eat real food, by themselves when they are ready. (Although why can't that be now? lol)

Felecia :)

Kacey Bode said...

Love the new look!!

About the feeding, don't feel bad. Some kids don't like food till a bit later. I know what you mean about hearing someone tell you what your child's "developmental age" is, I hate that. Has Logan had his thyroid checked, I don't think they typically do it till they are a year old but I was just wondering since you said he doesn't really eat that much and he is such a big guy. At this age Ella was the same way, didn't eat much but was huge. They did test her thyroid and it was out of the normal range but not enough that they put her on meds, just something they are following. I think perhaps she has outgrown it? I know she hasn't gained weight since she was about 10 months old and she is now 19 months, but she is growing taller so no worries! No advice except maybe the test, but try not to worry about it too much. He looks like he is doing great and that is all that matters!!

Kris said...

Erin too took a long time to "get" solids, or like them. We were persistant without forcing it. She now eats GREAT. I have to say, I am surprised, because I remember thinking the same thing you wrote. Have hope, it could change in a few short weeks!

Kathy said...

Just to confirm, 6 months is the age the thyroid should be checked. PJ loves baby food, but only if it's sweet. I mix in a few spoons of apple sauce to the peas and other veggies that he doesn't care for in order to get him to take them. He's still only taking 2 oz of veggies and 2 oz of fruit for either lunch or dinner, and 6 oz is the largest bottle he's ever taken, but usually only takes 4. So, it's all relative. Your adorable, beautiful boy will get on track with food, as with everything.