Saturday, April 12, 2008

Hearing Test Results

We went to Milwaukee yesterday and things went fairly smoothly. We did have to do a lot of waiting though (when do doctors not make you wait!) because we were scheduled for 1:30 and got moved back to 3:00, which became 3:45. The test took about 1 hour and then Logan took a while to wake up. They then held him for almost 2 hours to make sure he was ok from the anesthesia. The doctors did scare me a little just before they took Logan away. They said that kids with DS tend to wake up slower and if he needed a breathing tube during the test he would most likely have some breathing problems for a while afterwards like stridor. That scared me because he has just recently gotten over the stridor he had since he was born. Thankfully, he had no complications and woke up fairly quickly. He did have to have an IV and that worried me because when he had RSV, the nurses were SO glad when he didn't need one because I guess it would have been very challenging to find a vein on his very chubby body. Yesterday they managed to get one in his ankle, and they did it while he was asleep, so he didn't have to feel it.
The results...he hears at a passing or normal level at high pitches, but at lower pitches he hears at a less than a passing level. The audiologist said the loss is not significant enough for hear aids. YAH!! But, he does need to have his hearing rechecked every 6 months to make sure it does not get worse. She mentioned that his type of hearing is very typical of people with Down Syndrome. Also, and most importantly, she said it should not affect his speech development, but of course his DS will affect his speech, we just don't have to worry about his hearing affecting it.


Michelle said...

We missed you this morning!

I'm glad Logan's day went well yesterday - and glad it's good news!

rylie's mom said...

Great news! Glad he did so well!

Kris said...

Good news on the hearing tests!! I'll bet you're glad that's over with! Erin has her full testing on Friday as well.