Thursday, November 29, 2007

Parenting Magazine

Last night, I was surprised to find a great article in the December/January issue of Parenting Magazine. I have to admit that I have just recently started to page through this magazine again. (looking for gift ideas) After Logan was born and the magazine would come, I would usually throw it away or give it away. I couldn't even open it because I just thought, "there's nothing in there about my baby!!". So, I guess I should give the magazine a chance again because they did decide to talk about my baby, but I still think they could do more to include families and children living with disabilities in their magazine. I would love to see a baby with Down syndrome on the cover or in some of the pictures inside or some special toys or products for my child.
Here is the article: Life With Anthony


Michelle said...

Baby Talk had an issue this summer with a baby who had DS on the cover! It was awesome to see! An author wrote a story about her son with DS, which was included in that issue. She has a blog - I was going to add that info to the DSFN site but haven't had a chance. Her blog is Pinwheels at

RK said...

I saw this article too, and it's was pretty good. I'm with you on more visual exposure of our cuties.

Laurie said...

That was a really good article! I was just reading the book, "Count Us In" and the forward mentions that Sesame Street made a real effort in including kids with disabilities (esp DS after one of the writers' sons was born with it- actually, Jason Kingsley, one of the writers of the book was the son of the Sesame Street writer- did that make sense?)

Anyway. I plan on buying some Sesame Street DVDs for Christmas.

maria said...

Thanks for sharing the link to this article. I, too, enjoy watching my son laughing when the other kids are laughing, even though I know he may not understand what the laughter is for. He tunes in to the social mood and participates with all his being, which brings joy to others.

Coincidentally, a couple of months ago when our family was on Long Island, NY for a family wedding, I got a similar comment from a guy, about how he was impressed that we were "doing such a good thing", referring to the fact that we have 'kept' our little boy who has Down syndrome. This guy rambled on in a patronizing manner, intimating that we must be saints to have gone to this trouble, etc. etc. That he had had a bit too much to drink didn't help matters at all, but I also sensed that his heart was in the right place, so I left it at that.