Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Logan's Doctor Visit

20 lbs 11 oz (93% regular chart)
25.5 inches long (20% regular chart-he is now on the chart!!!)
We got a referral to a pediatric opthamologist and are wait for the results of the thyroid test. Drawing the blood for the thyroid test was awful! They couldn't take it from his arm because he is too chubby, so they had to take it drop by drop out of his finger. It was the longest I have ever seen him cry! Our pediatrician said he usually checks the thyroid once a year, but I was told by the DS clinic in Milwaukee to do it every 6. After our experience I don't want to do it every 6 months if I can help it, it was terrible.


RK said...

20! I'm SO sending Braska so you can teach her to eat too!! Way to go, Logan! Sorry he had to endure the drop-by-drop blood draw. They bite!

Laurie said...

Aw. Poor guy!

I thought Chase was chubby! Logan has him beat by 3 pounds!!

Emily said...

What a good grower! Sorry about the pokes :(

Megan's got 47 said...

Wow! What a big handsome boy you have...I hate needles too! Give your cute man a little kiss from me!

p.s. Just found your blog through my usual is wonderful! Beautiful family!

Stephanie Krug said...

Greetings Baeten Family,

My name is Stephanie Krug and I am Lisa and CJ Behnke's sister in law. We have been on a similar path with our son Caleb. We waited 18 months for a smile and how sweet it was!! I would love to talk/e-mail with you some time if ever you wanted to...( Your family will be in our prayers.